Getting Connected

Regional UFB Rollout

Right now across Wellington, WE are supporting Chorus for their build of the UFB network

Recently you may have seen Chorus and their construction partners at work in your neighbourhood.

Using a variety of processes, Chorus is building the fibre backbone so your phone and internet service providers can offer ultra fast broadband and phone services.  This allows service providers to connect into the UFB fibre backbone network in your area. This is called the network distribution rollout.

The completion of the distribution rollout results in your property “being fibre-ready”.  You can then place an order for service with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) which will result in a service connection to your home for your access to the internet.  This is called the provisioning phase.

By contacting an ISP you will start your connection process.  As part of this, your service provider may ask Chorus to contact Wellington Electricity to use one of our poles to make the final service connection to your home or business.

Before we give approval that our pole is suitable there are processes that need to be adhered too.  Currently there is, on average, a two week turnaround on all checks before we can give approval back to the service provider. In some instances we will need to arrange for a meeting on site to discuss compliance with safety obligations and issue the necessary consents for the work to be done.  When a pole is found to be unsuitable, then Chorus will need to establish an alternative way of providing UFB fibre to your premises.

Both Wellington Electricity and Chorus have been working closely together to improve timeframes and provide a positive fibre connection experience for end-users. Wellington Electricity is currently looking at a number of pole sites identified by Chorus in anticipation of the customer making a request for UFB.  This will enable your service provider to get a quick response when they approach us for our approval.

To find out more about getting connected to the UFB broadband network, please refer to the informative guide on the Chorus website

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