How to report an outage

Because we monitor our supply system, if it’s a major outage it’s likely we’ll already know about it and have dispatched a fault crew to fix the fault. For individual or smaller outages we rely on customers to immediately call their electricity retailer and advise them that the power has gone out.

When we're notified of an outage, crews are immediately dispatched to attend to the problem. Our networks are designed to provide alternative supply to cater for most fault situations but, in the instance of severe damage, extended interruptions can occur.

During widespread outages, we restore supply to essential services first. We then undertake repairs that will restore power to the most customers and customers who have been without power the longest.

If you see power restored across the street or nearby and you and your neighbours remain without power, remember that not all circuits are restored at once. Different parts of a neighbourhood may be supplied on different circuits.

However, if you continue to be without power once all your neighbours have been restored, please call your electricity retailer and advise them that you are still without power.

For details of known power outages click here.

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In an emergency please contact our 24 hour Electricity Emergency Line

0800 248 148

For all other matters, please view our contact details here or call your electricity retailer