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Generating your own electricity

Distributed Generation means equipment used for generating electricity for a customer’s own use and which is connected to a distribution network (i.e. Wellington Electricity network). It can also be capable of injecting electricity back into that distribution network. Examples of this could include; solar, photovoltaic, wind, gas and biomass.

Installing distributed generation is complex and every situation is different, so we advise you to discuss your proposal with us as early as possible by calling Wellington Electricity on (04) 915 6100 or email:

Distributed generation must meet all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements and comply with all applicable safety standards. Wellington Electricity’s policies and procedures for the application for, installation and connection of Distributed Generation are in accordance with the requirements of Part 6 of The Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010.

The requirements and process for installing distributed generation varies depending on the capacity of the system:


Congestion occurs when localised oversupply of power into the network has the potential to create reversed power flows impacting safety and power quality.

Current Situation

For any new DG installations of 10kW or less, Wellington Electricity does not expect congestion to be an issue in the foreseeable future (next 12 to 18 months until mid to late 2018).

For installation requests of more than 10kW, individual assessments will need to be undertaken by Wellington Electricity to determine whether congestion could occur.

Future Situation

Changing network conditions may result in previously accepted distributed generation applications creating subsequent issues on the network. Under these circumstances Wellington Electricity may require the distributed generation operator to curtail or disconnect their operation of the distributed generation to reduce output, operate within nominated times or conditions, or both.

The curtailment may be restricted to any or all of the distributed generation operators on the part of the network experiencing the Conditions.

For more information please see Wellington Electricity's Congestion Curtailment and Interruption Policy here

Regulated Terms

In the majority of distributed generation connections (once completed) the Electricity Authority's Regulated Terms from the Code Part 6.2 will apply.  However Wellington Electricity and the distributed generator may enter into a connection contract at any time and these contract terms shall take precedence.  If contracted terms cannot be negotiated and agreed within 30 days following notice to Wellington Electricity of the intent to form a contract then the Regulated Terms shall apply.  Any changes to contracted terms shall be by mutual agreement.  

  • A copy of the Regulated Terms can be found here
  • The full Code Part 6 can be found here

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