Tips to prepare for and get through a power outage

We recommend all our customers be prepared for an unexpected power outage. We aim to deliver you a very reliable supply, however it can unfortunately be disrupted and being prepared will assist you, your family and your business to get through comfortably and safely.

At home:

  • Keep alternative lighting, ideally a torch and batteries, in an easy to access location
  • Have a corded telephone that does not rely on electricity.  Most cordless phones won’t work when there is no electricity
  • Have a battery powered radio available so you can listen to updates
  • Make sure you can easily access warm clothes and bedding such as sleeping bags or extra blankets, especially during colder months
  • Consider having an alternative to electricity available for cooking, such as a gas BBQ and make sure your gas bottle doesn’t run out
  • Consider using surge protectors on sensitive appliances to avoid any damage from a power interruption
  • If you depend on medical equipment that requires electricity, make sure you have a backup plan and if you have any concerns either call 111 or head to your nearest hospital.  You should also let your electricity retailer know that you are medically dependent on electricity and they will keep a record of that.

At work:

If you own or operate a business, we recommend all businesses have a business continuity plan.  Because all businesses are different, some of the things you may want to consider are:

  • Being able to process EFTPOS and credit card transactions manually
  • Consider whether your site can be supplied by a generator
  • Have insulated freezer blankets, or an alternative location to store perishable food

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In an emergency please contact our 24 hour Electricity Emergency Line

0800 248 148

For all other matters, please view our contact details here or call your electricity retailer