Our 2018 pricing

Network tariffs are charged for supplying electricity and maintaining the network of poles, wires and other equipment that distribute power to customers' premises. Your chosen electricity retailer sells you electricity and sends you electricity bills, and pays Wellington Electricity directly for distributing electricity to your premises.

The price - or the network tariff - that we charge to distribute electricity to your premises is a portion of the amount that appears on the electricity bill issued by your retailer.

Network tariffs comprise two separate charges: a transmission tariff, which is paid to Transpower when electricity is delivered via its high-voltage network, and a distribution tariff, when it is delivered via Wellington Electricity's network. The network tariff represents the sum of the transmission and distribution tariffs.

Wellington Electricity’s line charges and pricing methodology are published to enable interested persons to understand how prices were set for each consumer group, including the assumptions and statistics used to determine prices for each consumer group.

An updated version of our Lines Charges Notice (which will be effective from 1 July 2018) is available for viewing below. More detailed information on our pricing is available within the Network Pricing Schedule and other documents below, all of which will be updated within the month to include more details on our new Electric Vehicle (EV) pricing plans.

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1 July 2018 Wellington Electricity Lines Charge Notice
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2017-18 Wellington Electricity Network Pricing Schedule
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2018 Pricing Methodology Apr 18 to Jun 18
685 KB  |  pdf  |  Download
2018 19 WELL Transmission Pass Through Methodology
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2018 Wellington Electricity Disclosure of Prices Apr 18 to Jun 18
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1 April 2018 Wellington Electricity Line Charge Notice
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Pricing Roadmap
327 KB  |  pdf  |  Download
Wellington Electricity NITE Rate FAQs
29 KB  |  pdf  |  Download

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