Digging near power poles and cables

If you are planning on doing any digging on your property including building a fence, landscaping or major gardening, concreting, excavation, putting in a pool, and construction, you should check the location of any underground cables before you start.

The beforeUdig service is the first point of call for any individual or contractor requiring information on underground pipes and cables in New Zealand. By using this service you can obtain plans from a number of asset owners, including Wellington Electricity, simply by making one enquiry.

Call beforeUdig on 0800 248 288 or visit to have your property assessed for underground cabling. It will take at least two working days to process your request, so plan ahead to avoid the risk.

Do not dig within five metres of one of our power poles without a Close Approach Consent. Depending on the depth of excavations, you may need additional pole supports to prevent poles collapsing. We can advise you and will provide supervision in some cases.

Wellington Electricity's Standard and Guideline on excavation:

ENS-321 Excavation Standard

ENG-116 Vacuum Excavation in the vicinity of the Wellington Electricity Network 


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In an emergency please contact our 24 hour Electricity Emergency Line

0800 248 148

For all other matters, please view our contact details here or call your electricity retailer