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How do I teach kids electricity safety?

Wellington Electricity also offers a safety programme for children, called Stay Safe Around Electricity. For more information on our programme, email staysafe.

Wellington Electricity also has an interactive website called Electrical Safety World, where your children can play games and learn about electricity. The site includes information and checklists for you to help them learn about electricity in and around the home.Visit Electrical Safety World.

I’m concerned about the state of a pole or power lines, what should I do?

In any instance where you are concerned about damaged poles and downed or clashing lines, you should contact us IMMEDIATELY. Call 0800 248 148 to report the damage, treat any lines or cables as live and keep all people well away from the area.

I can see a coloured tag on a pole – what does it mean?

We routinely inspect poles to identify any maintenance that may be required.  A red tag means the work is high priority and we would expect to complete it within 3 months, yellow is less urgent and will usually be addressed within 12 months.  Blue is low priority – the work is not urgent but serves as a reminder to contractors and others working on our network to check on the status of that pole before they do any work.

I want to do some digging on my property – how can I make sure I don’t hit any cables

Call beforeUdig on 0800 248 288 or visit to have your property assessed for underground cabling. It will take at least two working days to process your request, so plan ahead to avoid the risk.

How close to one of your power poles am I allowed to dig?

Do not dig within five metres of one of our power poles without a Close Approach Consent. Depending on the depth of excavations, you may need additional pole supports to prevent poles collapsing. We can advise you and will provide supervision in some cases.

Is it safe to do maintenance on my house near where the power lines connect?

If you are going to be working close to where the power lines connect to the house, for example you are going to be painting, you can arrange to get your power temporarily disconnected.

Just call your electricity retailer before you start to arrange a time for a temporary power disconnection (your electricity retailer will tell you if any charges apply). Your electricity retailer will arrange to reconnect your power supply once you have finished working in that area.

I’ve received a card telling me my power has been left off for safety reasons – why is that?

From time to time we need to carry out maintenance or repairs on the electricity network and this may require us to disconnect power to an individual property or properties.  Before the power can be turned back on, we are required by law to undertake safety tests and that usually requires someone to be at home, especially if your meter board and service main are inside the house.  If you have arrived home and found one of these cards, please call the number on the card and we will send a fault man to restore your power.  If any faulty wiring is identified between our pole and your house, this is the property owner’s responsibility and will therefore require an electrician to come and repair this before we can restore your power.

What should I do if the cabinet in the street looks dangerous or is making a strange noise?

If you feel something is unsafe you should contact us IMMEDIATELY. Call 0800 248 148 to report your concern and treat all equipment as live and keep all people well away from the area.  We’ll send a fault man out to check for you.

Is it safe to trim trees growing amongst the power lines on my property?

As a general rule, trees on your property and the line crossing your property that connects to your house are your responsibility to maintain.  We look after the lines in the street and up to the fuse at your boundary or on the pole that supplies your house.  If the trees look to be closer than 4m from the line crossing your section just ring your electricity retailer and to arrange for the line to be assessed.  You may need the help of a trained utility arborist or a temporary disconnection before you can safely trim the trees.  For a full list of tree trimming FAQ’s click here.

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In an emergency please contact our 24 hour Electricity Emergency Line

0800 248 148

For all other matters, please view our contact details here or call your electricity retailer