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Our Smarter Power portal is a place for innovation. Here we'll share our plans for the future, as well as how you can help us get ready for decarbonisation.

Looking after our network

We're constantly inspecting and maintaining our electricity network. Find out about the work we do and why we might need to turn off the power from time to time.

Your electricity bill

New Zealand’s electricity system is made up of a number of suppliers, each providing a different service. Your power bill contributes to the cost of these.

Preparing for an earthquake

We’ve been busy taking steps to make sure we can respond to the effects of an earthquake.

Restoring power after a major event

A major event like a large earthquake or cyclone might affect how quickly we can restore power.

Unplanned outages

There are lots of reasons why your power supply might be interrupted. Find out how we deal with power cuts here.

Flexibility services

Flexibility services will reduce reliance on the electricity network and keep costs down for everyone. They'll also help limit climate change through the cleaner use of electricity.

Electric vehicles (EVs)

The ability to monitor and manage EV charging is a fundamental part of Wellington Electricity's Distribution System Operator development plan and will be essential for responding to this emerging technology.

Reducing energy consumption

To support the increased demand for electricity, we'll need to invest more money into our network. This means that power bills could rise, but there are lots of ways to keep your household energy costs down.

Money Saving Calculator

Estimate how much you could save on your annual power bill by answering a few questions about your home.

More ways to save

Additional savings resources, along with guidance on how to keep your home warm and dry.

Cut your power bill this winter with one simple change

Learn how you can reduce your energy costs by using power off-peak.

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