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Cut your power bill this winter with one simple change

Learn how you can significantly reduce your energy costs by using power off-peak.

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Save with Time of Use pricing

Time of Use (ToU) pricing offers cheaper rates for using electricity during off-peak hours. This is when electricity demand is lower, typically late at night or during the day – and at weekends.

At these times, energy costs are lower for electricity retailers, which means they might be able to offer you cheaper rates or even free power!

Ask your electricity retailer if they offer Time of Use pricing, or check you're on the best plan for your needs at Powerswitch

Maximise your savings with these four simple tips:

Time your laundry

Put your washing on as you go to bed (after 9pm), or run your washer/dryer during the day (11am–5pm) or anytime at the weekend.

Recharge overnight

Charge your phone or tablet while you sleep. Remember – our overnight off-peak hours are 9pm–7am during the week.

Bedtime clean-up

Turn on your dishwasher when you turn off Netflix for the evening, or use the delay start function to run the dishes after 9pm.

Tuck in your car at night

If you have an electric vehicle, plug it in before you hit the hay so that it charges overnight (anytime between 9pm and 7am).

Save money and support the grid

⚡ Off-peak power usage benefits you & your community

By using power off-peak, we can delay or avoid building a bigger network.
This means lower costs and fewer disruptions to you.

⚡ Using power off-peak also helps Aotearoa as a whole

Power generated off-peak tends to be greener as it's less likely to come from fossil fuels.
It also helps keep the National Grid running during potential electricity shortages this winter.

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