When trees grow too close to power lines, they can become a safety concern and cause power outages. In Wellington, we need to be even more careful of high winds, which can cause trees and their branches to break and fall onto lines.

So what can you do to keep yourself, your whānau and your neighbours safe?

Get in touch

If you’re concerned about a tree that looks like it’s too close to power lines, or if you think someone might be able to touch the lines by climbing a tree, email us or call 0800 248 148. Phone this number straight away if you think there might be an immediate hazard.


Why let us know?

  • Around a quarter of unplanned power outages on our network are caused by trees hitting lines.
  • If any part of a tree is touching a power line, the whole tree can become electrified which could seriously hurt someone.

Check your mailbox

Make sure you comply with any cut or trim notices you receive, but DO NOT attempt to trim the tree(s) yourself.


It's important to comply, as failure to do so could result in:

  • a fine of up to $10,000, plus $500 per day for ongoing offences
  • the risk of power outages, damage to our network or other property, an electric shock, or worse.

Check before you plant

If you’re planting a tree, make sure you do it responsibly. Consider low-growing plants and shrubs as an alternative to trees if there are power lines around.

Safety first

Trimming trees near network power lines (within 4 metres) is extremely dangerous work – only approved arborists are allowed to do this.

For trees near electricity service lines (running from our pole to your home or business):

  • We can disconnect the power so that you can get these trimmed safely (contact your electricity retailer to arrange a temporary disconnection).
  • Alternatively, one of our approved arborists might be able to do the work (on a private basis) without us needing to disconnect power.

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