Repairs to one of the main power cables supplying the Titahi Bay area.

Porirua to Titahi Bay Cable Route3Background

Over the past year we have been trying to locate the source of a fault on the main underground power cable which runs alongside Titahi Bay Rd and supplies the Titahi Bay, Porirua area.

Sometimes these faults are easy to find and can be fixed within a matter of days. Unfortunately, this fault has proven much harder to find. We’ve been doing this work gradually in an attempt to cause the least disruption to traffic, people and businesses in the area.

So far, the fault hasn’t caused any loss of power to the area, but we want to make sure that the fault is fixed well before the cable is put under more stress next winter when electricity use naturally rises in those colder months.

What’s Been Happening?

Our field crews have been working to locate the fault and have narrowed down its source from a starting point of 4kms of cable down to a 1.5km section. The process has been challenging, involving digging at a number of locations along the a 4km stretch of cable and we’ve brought in experts to work alongside our teams in an effort to speed up the process.

What's Happening Next?

  • Saturday 12th January: We will be working between the Whitireia bus stop and the back of the Rebel Sport building on Titahi Bay Rd to once again narrow down the location of the fault to a 500m section of cable.
  • Wednesday 16th January: We will be performing more work to pin-point the fault location along the final 500m section of cable.

 Is My Power Supply Safe?

There are two main cables which supply Titahi Bay, which means that there is a backup cable should anything happen to interrupt power on the other cable. One of those cables is supplying power to the area and we have backup power supply available to re-route power from other parts of the network to the area should there be any issues over the next few weeks.

We appreciate this work is taking some time to complete and wish to apologise for any disruption this may have caused. We are working as quickly as we safely can to find the source of this fault and remain committed to providing safe and reliable electricity to the region.

For any further detail or updates to this project, please contact us via the following:


Phone        Howard Smith, Customer Service Manager 0-4-915 6162



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